Planet Combatorior (R) Startrek (c) reality Research and Developmnet shipyards

Welcome to my site. I am Coptex Kor (Colonel/StarFleet Capt) , honor code Kor (highest honor aveliable) Assaf “Mufleta” Schachter and ive been the commandant of the Combatorian Yards R&D startrek(c) technology shipyards on the surface of Planet Combatorior, a warriors only planet (even the citizens are all soldiers because of the great Comatorior – Tet war), since 1996. Ive been a Commander in Fleet Admiral Riker’s dalnet #UFP and then Capt and Fleet Captain at Admirals Kenneth Pierson “Methos” dalnet and gamesurge #starfleet-command. I salute you all in honor of the fallen Combatorior soldiers of the Combatorior Tet war and and patiently awate all startrek reality simmers (roleplayers) to join Research and Developmnet scientists, Chief Inleligence, Chief Medcial, chief Engineering and also XO (Coptex Pah (Commander)) positions about my surface’s R&D startrek the next generation (c) era yards. Honor to you all, Honor and valour!

I im needing of a Gammer Tek to command me and of a Gemmrion to comand the fleet and a army.

I will consider applications.

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